Ghosting: The Hidden Cost of Ignoring Applicants

Imagine this scenario – a highly talented tech professional, eager to join your team, spends hours crafting the perfect resume and cover letter, tailoring their skills to match the job description. Filled with hope and excitement, they submit their application, eagerly waiting for a response that never comes. Days turn into weeks, and eventually, they are left disheartened, questioning their worth as a candidate and frustrated by the company’s lack of communication. You weren’t at fault, (let’s face it; applicant volume has never been higher) you can’t possibly have the bandwidth to get back to everyone with a tailored response in a reasonable time.

Months pass and the candidate (a highly sought after tech professional that you were desperate to meet last year) receives a vague auto reply from your ATS. You might even reach out personally, acknowledge and apologise for the length of time with no reply, but the damage is done. Sadly, this is not an isolated incident, as many tech companies fail to respond to applicants, unknowingly tarnishing their brand and losing out on top talent.

The Cost of Silence:

The damage that failing to respond to candidates/applicants is doing to your brand and credibility in the labour market is real. The following is just a sample of how we have seen top tech brands lose hiring currency:

Negative Brand Perception: Ignoring applicants sends a powerful message about a company’s culture and values. Prospective candidates perceive unresponsive companies as indifferent or disrespectful, tarnishing the brand’s reputation. Word of mouth travels fast in what is still a comparatively small tech community, and a single negative experience can deter potential hires and even affect customer perception. Never forget the adage “a customer will tell 4 people about a good experience, but 40 people about a bad one”…

Losing out on Top Talent: The best candidates often have multiple opportunities on their plate, even with the unexpected availability of talent in 2023 – the top candidates always have options. By failing to respond promptly or professionally, tech companies risk losing exceptional talent to competitors who prioritize candidate experience. In today’s competitive job market, top tech professionals have the luxury of choosing where they want to work, and a poor applicant experience can drive them away. If you aren’t getting back to them and providing a good experience, your competitors might be…

Damaged Employee Engagement: The impact of ghosting doesn’t end with the applicant; it can affect the company’s existing employees too. Low candidate response rates may create an impression of a disorganized or unsupportive work environment, leading to decreased employee morale and engagement – especially in a community as parochial as the tech circle.

Missed Opportunity for Brand Enhancement: Treating candidates well, even if they don’t land the job, can turn them into brand advocates. Candidates who have positive experiences with a company, regardless of the outcome, are more likely to recommend it to others, creating a ripple effect that boosts employer branding.

Legal and Diversity Implications: Never forget that ignoring applicants can also have legal consequences. Companies that fail to respond to applicants may risk potential discrimination claims if applicants from protected classes feel unfairly treated. Transparent communication with applicants is essential to maintaining your D&I credentials.

Realtime Recruitment understands the critical importance of candidate experience and brand representation. As a trusted staffing agency specializing in the tech industry, Realtime is the answer to ensuring that your company avoids the pitfalls of ghosting and reaps the benefits of responsive and respectful hiring practices.

We ensure that EVERY candidate receives personalized communication, whether they move forward in the hiring process or not. This approach not only leaves a positive impression on the candidate but also promotes a sense of fairness and transparency. As an extension of your company, Realtime Recruitment becomes a brand ambassador, projecting your company’s values, culture, and opportunities to potential candidates. We go the extra mile to create a compelling narrative about your company, attracting top talent who align with your organization’s vision, all while acting as a D&I advocate!

Realtime Recruitment streamlines your hiring process, making it seamless and efficient. Our expertise in the tech industry allows us to match the right candidates to the right roles quickly, reducing time-to-fill and ensuring that top talent doesn’t slip through the cracks.

The consequences of ignoring applicants can be far-reaching, damaging and permanent. We offer a powerful solution, providing not just exceptional talent but also acting as a partner who prioritizes positive candidate experiences; partner with an agency who will protect your brand and avoid permanent damage to your reputation.

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